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Senatorska 2, 00-075 Warsaw

Prestigious location for your success


The investment is distinguished by a great location, enabling quick and convenient access to the most important points of the city.

A convenient location is provided by the central communication line connecting the W-Z route tunnel with the ground part of the Castle Square. This is especially important for residents crossing the Wisla river.


The WORKIN business and event center is located on Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage office building on Senatorska 2 in Warsaw. This modern and prestigious office building is located in one of the most recognizable places of the capital, 100 meters from the Sigismund’s Column and the Royal Castle. WORKIN is the perfect address for your business.

The building is easily accessible by the central communication line connecting the W-Z route tunnel with the ground part of the Plac Zamkowy Square. If you decide to rent a space in WORKIN, you will appreciate the immediate vicinity of the Warsaw business center. The building is located in the north-eastern part of the Central Business Area, the largest and most recognizable business center in Warsaw.

Another convenient access is from the Metro Ratusz Arsenał station, by numerous tram and bus lines along the WS-Z route and bus connections from Miodowa and Krakowskie Przedmieście Streets. There are three railway stations nearby: Wileński Railway Station (1.75 km), Gdański Railway Station (2.1 km) and the Central Railway Station (2.3 km). Visitors can also take another Metro line from the nearby stations at Wileński Railway Station and Nowy Świat University. The W-Z and Wisłostrada routes provide convenient access to the building from various parts of the city for tenants and their guests who use road transport.

The area boasts numerous restaurants and cafés and the building houses a Rossmann convenience store and the Warszawski Sznyt [Warsaw Style] restaurant with a beautiful view of the Plac Zamkowy Square.

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